100% Natural Raw and Organic Honey, from our home to yours

Our bees live in beautiful traditional wooden hives. The surrounding lands are planted with many different types of flowers for the bees to forage on, fruit blossoms of the plum, peach, apple, pear and beautiful sunflowers. Which adds a unique taste to our honey.

100% Natural Raw Honey

Our Natural Raw honey is born from the fresh air, the Sun and the unique flora of Sredna Gora Mountains. It is a fragrant honey with a lingering floral finish. Each drop of this luxurious honey will delight your palate.

€6.00 per 260g jar excluding shipping.

Certified Organic Honey

Luscious texture, golden luster and bursting with flavor and aroma. This honey is a product of organic farming and EU certified. Nothing added, nor blended. As nature intended.

€8.00 per 260g jar excluding shipping.

Sourced from foothills of ancient Sredna Gora Mountains

Starosel Honey is a small family owned business founded in 2017, based in Ireland and Bulgaria. We founded the business out of a passion for amazing natural food and great service. A family business with family values at its core – good food and good value. We are an inquisitive lot, and like to know what’s in our food – what exactly are we consuming and buying every day? So with this in mind and having tasted pure honey in Bulgaria, we decided to bring this natural product to Ireland, so you guys could taste it too. Rest assured with Starosel Honey, you are buying a natural and pure product with no processing or additives….from our home to yours. We hope you love it as much as we do.

Our honey is sourced from an area in which the village of Starosel is located in Bulgaria. Starosel lies at the foothills of ancient Sredna Gora Mountains where there is an abundance of Neolithic and Thracian tombs from the 5 or 6 thousand BC (a little younger than our Newgrange….). Mineral Springs are abundant, the closest being in Hisarya. Starosel is also a wine growing area with a major winery in the village and smaller vineyards in the hills. There is little or no industry in the area – the air is crisp, clear and pure, under blue sky and warm sun.

So much more than just a great taste!

Sweet and powerful, the unprocessed, organic form of honey is an adequate source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and may help treat several health concerns. Honey is a delicious super food, you can enhance athletic performance, soothe a troubled digestive system and relieve a sore throat.